City of Worthington Hills

Worthington Hills Newsletter May 2012


City Wide Yard Sale

On Saturday, May 19th,
Worthington Hills will be hosting the first of two annual city wide yard sales.
We will advertise this event in the Courier Journal on that Friday & Saturday.
If for some reason, we are rained out, the rain date is the following day,
Sunday, May 20th. Good luck and happy selling!


Property Values

Home ownership for many people will be the
largest investment they will ever make, and that investment like any other
investment should be protected, nurtured and improved upon to cause growth in
value.  As homeowners, and neighbors in Worthington Hills, seek to help
each other by first keeping our property clean and attractive. We don’t have to
spend thousands of dollars in landscaping (but you can). But we all can add
small improvements each year to add value to our homes or maintain what you
already have. For example: at this year’s Home & Garden Show, flower seeds
were given away for free. Secondly if we make the repairs to our home as they
happen, we won’t become overwhelmed by them.


We can also help the look of the city by
refraining from parking cars and other vehicles in our yard or on the
easement (area between sidewalk and street). This will enable the lawns to
have that ‘curb appeal’ we, as homeowners and renters, are looking for. The
homes that are on the market in our city will likely be
sold quicker when all of our property is kept looking neat
and cared for. Having fewer homes in our city on the housing
market can then increase or maintain the value of this great property
investment we have all made.


Springtime Issues

It’s warm outside again & the kids are
out playing & the yard needs mowed & the flowers need water…and this is
all the fun stuff. With this change of season, there come a few issues that the
Board wants to make sure you are aware of.

  • Be sure to
         keep the drain grates in your yards free of yard waste so that the water
         can travel where it needs to.
  • For the
         families with children, please, be sure to watch when throwing balls and
         riding out in front of cars. We want a safe summer for everyone.
  • Remember to
         watch for children on bicycles, scooters, skates & skateboards while
         driving throughout the city.
  • The yard
         waste (sticks, leaves, weeds, etc.) will be picked up on garbage day, but
         remember that sticks need to be bundled up. Waste Management won’t spend
         time picking up all those little sticks. But helpful hint: Put all those
         sticks in a garbage can marked ‘YARD WASTE’. That will help you & Waste


Crime Prevention

There have been several break-ins to the
homes in our area and, too often, it’s due to unlocked/open doors. Let’s make
it more difficult for criminals by locking doors & windows, closing garage
doors (this is a BIG one) & not keeping stuff in your vehicle in plain
site. These simple tips will help keep crime down & keep your belongings


Yard Maintenance/Upkeep

There is an ordinance in Worthington Hills
(and Louisville Metro) that states that grass must be trimmed before it reaches
6 inches. We get lots of complaints from residents about neighbors not mowing
their yards or about down tree limbs, etc. The Board handles these issues by
first writing a letter to the resident, if within 10 days of receiving that
letter, the yard is still not mowed/cleaned up; someone comes in to tend to the
issue. We then are able to bill you for this by putting a lien on your home.
The Board would love to NOT have to do this, so please take care of your yard
& home.


Scooters & Motorbikes

It is illegal in Worthington Hills (& Louisville Metro) to operate
these unlicensed vehicles on city streets, sidewalks and/or city property.
Police are very aware that there are several of these in our city and are on
the lookout for them. The police are ticketing these violators.

Important City

City of
Worthington Hills

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City Line (502)



City board meetings are held the third
Tuesday of every month at 7pm at the Holiday Inn Express onChamberlain Ln.

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