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Worthington Hills Newsletter January 2012


This will be Worthington Hills very last ‘paper’ newsletter. The newsletters will now be delivered via email. If you are interested in receiving an e-newsletter from the city, please, email the mayor at The board feels this is the best & fastest way to stay in touch with you. Also, besides the city’s website (, there is now a Facebook page. Go to & like the page to stay informed even faster!


Holiday Decoration Winners for 2011

Thank you so much for those families in the city that decorated their homes during the holidays. You helped to make the neighborhood festive and fun.  The city employees drove around and found their favorites and then we all discussed and chose the winners. Here are our favorites and the winners of the cash prizes this year:

1st PlaceWinners –4002 Northumberland Drive

2nd PlaceWinners –4803 Middlesex Drive

3rd PlaceWinners –4507 Dickerson Court

Honorable Mentions –4614 Lunenburg Drive&4313 Arwine Court


Snow Removal

This is a hot topic at this time of year with the snow and ice falling way too frequently (normally). The ‘snow removing procedure’ is 3 inches or below, we have salt spread on the main roads and intersections. With 3 or more inches of snow, we have all of the roads plowed for your convenience. We are trying to meet your needs, but please try to be patient as this does take time to do. We do try our very best to make sure that the roads are plowed before you are off to work or your children are off to school. 

Also, another snow removal issue is vehicles parked on the street. The snow plow drivers have great difficulty maneuvering their trucks around automobiles parked on the street. So we are requesting that you do NOT park on the street if you know that these men will be around removing snow or spreading salt. It is a huge help to them and makes their jobs go faster! We would very much appreciate your help in this matter! Thank you!


Animals Running Around the City

The board has received numerous complaints dealing with dogs running loose in the city. Worthington Hills does have a leash law. Please, do NOT let your dog run free. If you should see an animal running loose, please call 502-363-6609. This is Animal Control & they will come to get the animal at the pet owner’s expense.



If you have a solicitor knock on your door, let them know that it is illegal for them to be in our city. Then call the 8th District police department (NOT 911). The number is 502-574-7111. Also, we do NOT give permits to solicitors so when they say they have a permit, say thatJeffersonCounty, nor Worthington Hills give permits for soliciting. Also, there is a ‘No Soliciting’ sign on the city’s website for you to print & hang on your door/front window. This gives you a legal leg to stand on if a solicitor knocks on your door.



Important City Information

City of Worthington Hills

PO Box22586


 City Line (502) 243-8415

City board meetings are held the third Tuesday of every month at 7pm at the Holiday Inn Express onChamberlain Lane. You are always welcome to join us!


Worthington Hills, Kentucky 40245

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