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Worthington Hills Neighborhood Newsletter

October 2010



Trick or Treating will be on Sunday, October 31st at 5:30pm–7:30pm. If you want to hand out candy to the little ones, please put your porch light on. Happy Haunting!


Yard Waste

The leaves are falling fast which means it’s time to rake up those yards & get ready for snow!  As a reminder, Waste Management will take leaves (and other yard waste) in garbage bags or in trash cans labeled “Yard Waste”. Please, DO NOT rake your leaves and throw them into the road, drainage ditches or common areas in the city. If you’ve taken the time to rake them, just place them into the above-mentioned containers. Also, remember that sticks can also be placed in garbage cans. If you don’t have an extra garbage can, remember to bind the sticks up with string so that Waste Management will pick them up. They will NOT pick up yard waste of any sort that is just piled up in front of your home.


Snow Removal

It’s scary to think, but soon it will be snowing. The Board thought it would be a good idea to remind you of the city’s procedure for snow removal. Anything below three inches, we have salt spread on the main roads and intersections. With three or more inches of snow, we have all of the roads plowed for your convenience. We try very hard to get at it before it gets out of control, but please try to be patient as this does take time to do. Also, another snow removal issue is vehicles parked on the street. The snow plow drivers have great difficulty maneuvering their trucks around automobiles parked on the street. So we are requesting that you do NOT park on the street (which is illegal) if you know that these men will be around removing snow or spreading salt. It is a huge help to them and makes their jobs go faster! We would very much appreciate your help in this matter!

Thank you!


Neighborhood Holiday Decoration Contest

The holidays are sneaking up on us again this year! Are you ready for the good food and the time you will be spending with your loved ones? Well, in all the rush to get things complete, please, don’t forget to decorate your home! The city is having the annual Holiday Decorating Contest again this year. Like last year, the board is looking for the most creative & original decorations, so try something new and get that imagination working! Cash prizes will be rewarded to three creative residents: $100 for first place, $75 for second place, & $50 for third place. Houses must be decorated by December 19th. Winners will be posted on the website ( Good luck and happy holidays!



If you have a solicitor knock on your door, let them know that it is illegal for them to be in our city. Then call the 8th District police department (NOT 911). The number is 502-245-1199. Also, we DO NOT give permits to solicitors so when they say they have a permit, say that Jefferson County, nor Worthington Hills give permits for soliciting. And call the police.



To prevent a robbery, according to the 8th District Police Department, is simple: Close your garage doors and keep your vehicles locked. Also, don’t keep items out in the open in your car. The police say that is the best way to deter thieves.


City’s Website

The city’s website is a great resource for you. The minutes from the meetings are on the site, plus newsletters & all sorts of news and information. Check the website frequently to find out what’s going on in your city. The site is Check it out.


Most Common Complaints

Yard waste help – The garbage company will not pick up sticks that are not bound together, so a helpful hint is tie them together with rope or stick all the sticks into an extra trash can you have sitting around that is labeled YARD WASTE. 

Leaves – Do not rake your leaves into the street or into the drainage ditches. Please, bag them & put them out for the garbage company to pick up. 

Animal issues -- We do have a leash law, but please keep your dog on a leash while walking him. Also, please take a bag for animal waste while walking your dog. Should you see an animal loose, call Animal Control. We receive a large number of calls/emails on this issue.

Speeding – Remember the speed limit throughout the city is 25 MPH. 

No parking in the yards, easements or on the street –You may receive a ticket from the police if you are caught parking in these areas.


Important City Information

City Line (502) 243-8415        City Fax (502) 243-8416


City of Worthington Hills

PO Box 22586

Louisville, KY 40252


Have a very happy & safe holiday season!

Worthington Hills, Kentucky 40245

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