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Worthington Hills Neighborhood Newsletter

May 2010


 City Wide Yard Sale Reminder!

On Saturday, May 15th, Worthington Hills will be hosting the first of two annual city wide yard sales. We will advertise this event in the Courier Journal on that Friday & Saturday. If for some reason, we are rained out, the rain date is the following day, Sunday, May 16th. Good luck and happy selling! *NOTE—If you are interested, a flyer is on the city’s website for you to print off to hang on your refrigerator to remind you of this event.



There have been many complaints about solicitors coming through our city. Here’s what you need to do to combat this issue: If you have a solicitor come to your door, make them aware that there is NO soliciting in Worthington Hills (There are signs hung coming into our boundaries of the city that say “No Soliciting”) & then call the 8th District Police Department at 502-574-2258.

DO NOT CALL 911 – this is NOT an emergency!


Road Improvements

There are some local improvements being made to the roads in our area. First, Louisville Metro is putting a right hand turn lane on Murphy Ln & Westport Rd. Second, the extension to Chamberlain Ln (to line up with KY 1694) will begin in October/November 2010.


Drainage Issues

The city has several different areas that have issues with water not draining. It seems the main cause for this is due to yard waste being thrown into these areas. Residents, please, do NOT dispose of your yard waste (or other garbage) in the drainage ditches in the city. These need to be clean and NOT filled with grass clippings, leaves and/or sticks. Your taxes pay for the removal of yard waste by Waste Management on Wednesday mornings. Please, help out your neighbors and dispose of your yard waste properly!


Crime Prevention

There have been several break-ins to the homes in our area and, too often, it’s due to unlocked/open doors. Let’s make it more difficult for criminals by locking doors & windows, closing garage doors (this is a BIG one) & not keeping stuff in your vehicle in plain site. These simple tips will help keep crime down & keep your belongings safe.


Yard Maintenance/Upkeep

There is an ordinance in Worthington Hills (and Louisville Metro) that states that grass must be trimmed before it reaches 6 inches. We get lots of complaints from residents about neighbors not mowing their yards or about down tree limbs, etc. The Board handles these issues by first writing a letter to the resident, if within 10 days of receiving that letter, the yard is still not mowed/cleaned up; someone comes in to tend to the issue. We then are able to bill you for this by putting a lien on your home. The Board would love to NOT have to do this, so please take care of your yard & home.


Updates & News

The mayor is asking for your email address to help get news & updates to you faster. And to even get the newsletter via email! Please, email the mayor at to be added to the list!


Most Common Complaints

*Scooters & Motorbikes – It is illegal in Worthington Hills (& Louisville Metro) to operate these unlicensed vehicles on city streets, sidewalks and/or city property. Police are ticketing these violators.  

*Yard waste help – The garbage company will not pick up sticks that are not bound together, so a helpful hint is tie them together with rope or stick all the sticks into an extra trash can you have sitting around.

*Yard sale signs on road signs – It is great to have all of these wonderful yard/garage sales in the neighborhood, but please don’t forget to take your signs down after your sale.

*Speeding – Remember the speed limit throughout the city is 25 MPH.

*No parking in the yards, easements or on the street –You may receive a ticket from the police if you are caught parking in these areas.


Come to a Town Meeting

Have you met or talked with any of the commissioners or the mayor? Would you like to see exactly how the city works? Well, we would love to meet you and answer any questions you might have. The city’s meetings are always held the third Tuesday of every month at 7pm at the Holiday Inn Express on Chamberlain Lane. If you aren’t able to attend a meeting, but have an issue or a problem, call the city phone number and leave a message containing the issue, your name, address & phone number on the answering machine. Or you can drop any of the commissioners or the mayor an email. The email addresses are listed on the website.



 Important City Information


City Line (502) 243-8415          City Fax (502) 243-8416


City of Worthington Hills

PO Box 22586

Louisville, KY 40252

Worthington Hills, Kentucky 40245

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